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Sep 24 10

Instrumental Video

by antoney

I love music videos where the visuals are locked into the sounds and they don’t come any more locked in than this one!

instrumental video nine from beeple on Vimeo.

Aug 18 10

New Tee’s & Hoodies in the Shop!

by antoney

Just in time for summer – well, it’s just about light past 8:30pm and the leaves are still on the trees. I’ve been busy uploading and finalising my clothing line. The entire range is now available to buy from RedBubble.

More cool designs will come online as I create them. I want to stock a range of styles to reflect my passions and interests, so there will be type based designs, lots of vector illustrations, and eventually posters and wall art!

Feedback is welcomed and if anyone has any ideas they’d like to see on a Tee or Hoodie, then let me know.


Jul 29 10

Simply Amazing

by antoney

Yes, it’s an old video, but somehow I missed this demonstration. Using cheap, off the shelf consumer electronics, Jonny Lee has managed to create some amazing new applications and devices. The guy is a genius! If you haven’t seen this demo of his before you’re in for a treat.

Jul 23 10

Tron Legacy Trailer

by antoney

I can’t wait for this to drop. I remember watching the original at the cinema with wide eyed wonder when I was a wee boy.

The production design looks amazing – plus it will be in 3D which should look awesome given the video game graphic styling. And if the rumor is true that Daft Punk will be doing the music for the film, then that would be a massive cherry on top.

Jul 20 10

Flight Patterns

by antoney

Long exposure film of bugs flying around a streetlight. Simple, mesmerising and Beautiful.