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WorkBase Theme

by antoney on September 16th, 2009

I was going to write ‘Child Theme’ in the headline above, but who the heck knows what that is! Most would have thought something dodgy might be going down instead.

I myself had no idea what a ‘child theme’ was until I found an interesting article over at op111. I wanted to create a WordPress theme that appealed to creatives, individuals and small businesses (or even large ones), that was simple and easy on the eye. Instead of reinventing the wheel I figured I’d find an existing theme I liked and customise it.

Graph Paper Press had the exact theme I was after. It’s called Workaholic. So I signed up and downloaded the theme and got down to creating my own version. The result is a child theme – so called because it’s based on a parent theme (Workaholic in this case), which I’ve called WorkBase.

As you can see it’s really clean and well laid out and even has Twitter integration. I changed the colour scheme, graphics and some core functionality of the original theme to make it, well, much better in my opinion. By far the best change I made was integrating SmoothGallery into the theme. This replaces the rather clunky image gallery that was included. SmoothGallery is a Flash-like image slideshow viewer. Using a plugin to integrate it into the theme meant I now had a fully user editable slideshow. I also improved some of the graphic elements and gave the whole theme a classy sheen.


To find out more about WorkBase, how to get the files, installation instructions and how I can design and install a custom version of the theme for your website, simply click the button below:

demo and download

UPDATE: I’m in the process of updating WorkBase. As such it won’t be available to download until I know it’s solid. Click the button above to check out the demo.

  1. Leave a message if you would like more info on how to implement this theme for your own website

  2. carsten permalink

    very nice work !
    do you share your work or even can help me ab bit to achive this result ?

  3. Hi Carsten,

    I’m currently beta testing the theme and writing documentation as Graph Paper Press have made a few changes to the original parent theme. I will update you when it is ready to launch.

  4. The theme is now live and available to download. You can buy it directly from the demo site:

    There’s a full rundown of the features and instruction guide there as well, which I’d recommend reading before you purchase.


  5. Hey, I’d like to purchase your theme but I’m having trouble getting the pictures in the “latest work” section to show in Workaholic. If I purchase your theme can you give me detailed instructions on how to do this?

  6. Hi M,
    To get your latest work to show you need to set up categories, i.e photography, design, illustration. Write a new post and set that post to a category and it should show up on your front page. You must have the WP-Post-Thumbnail plugin installed and set-up for the thumbnails to show on your front page. Workaholic has detailed instructions on this in its folder when you download it. Lastly make sure your hosting server is running PHP 5.

    If you’ve done the above and still have problems and decide to download my theme, I will help you get it up and running.

    Let me know how you get on.

  7. Since you worked with workaholic do you know how to fix the problem with comments not showing up on blog posts? Did you fix it on your theme?

  8. Hmm, thats something I didn’t notice yet. This is a problem with the theme so Graph Paper Press are the guys to get in touch with. Let me know if they manage to resolve this for you.

    I’ll fire them an email too, might get them to fix it quicker if we both hassle them.

  9. cool thanks I will do the same- and keep me posted if you hear anything- its a shame such an awesome theme has such a crucial defect.

  10. Hey they got back to me!
    Edit file ‘single.php’ and change this:

    to this:

    And it works!

  11. oh wierd how can I show it if it disappears?

  12. Antoney permalink

    Try pasting putting the code between code tags:

    If not you can email to me please at:

    Thanks for sharing.


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